About Hungerstation

For our founder, his ambition was to transform the food industry in the middle east which meant enabling people to order the food they want, when they want it, so they could enjoy their perfect meal from the convenience of their homes or offices. In 2012, in Khobar, the story was made live in the form of HungerStation, a website which has opened people’s doors and mouths to more dishes than they could ever ask for. Today, also in the form of an app, our company is a multi-city online food and grocery ordering and delivery system with more than 10000 partners including internationally established brands and local cuisine. Looking ahead we want our user base to keep on growing as we keep giving consumers endless options in the most efficient way.

Why use HungerStation?

With more than 10000 stores operating in more than 70 cities in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, HungerStation is the platform to fuel your hunger and satisfy your cravings while enjoying an easy and great ordering experience. No need to look for restaurants or groceries numbers anymore! With HungerStation you can order from your favorite restaurants and stores and pay online or even by cash on delivery!


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Help us pinpoint your location in order to serve you better and faster.


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From international established brands to local cuisine, choose from thousands of stores and restaurants.


Pay and wait

Payment is easy and secure online or by cash on delivery. Order and your food will be there in no time.

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order your food anytime, anywhere with just couple of clicks

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