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What is HungerStation?

No need for looking for restaurants numbers anymore! with you can select your orders from your favorite restaurant and pay cash on delivery! is one of the first food online ordering portals in the region and considered the largest restaurants network in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain

Why use HungerStation?

Every once in a while, you may experience very annoying moments that disconnect you from your food, - the restaurant won’t answer the phone, can’t decide on the cuisine, bored of the same old’ restaurant, lazy to get out, or maybe you just want to try something new! We know because it’s happened to us; and to address these teething troubles, we kick-started HungerStation.

User Comments


Today I ordered hotdog express from @HungerStation it was quick and the service was excellent loved it !


#HungerStation Best app ever! Just sign up, add your location map, order & wait!


I'm falling in love with @HungerStation App